7 months STEM extension after H1b Approved


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Hello All,


I am a student currently on 17 Month STEM extension valid until Jun-2017 and my employer applied for H1b this year. In mid-July I received my H1B approval with COS and the status starts 01-Oct-2016. On the other hand as per the new 24 month STEM extension rule, I am eligible for applying for the remaining 7 months extension by 08-Aug-2016. I was wondering if it would be advisable to apply for 7 month extension after I already received H1b approval with COS. Will this application affect my already approved H1b status in anyway ?


The reason I want to apply for 7 month extension is say if the employer does not honor the offer before Oct-2016 and revokes the H1b application. Then I will have to continue in STEM extension and by then I will lose the chance to apply for 7 month extension.


I request the senior forum members to advise me on how to proceed with the situation.



Thank you again.


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