H1B Approved and H4/Ead approved


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Dear memebers,


My H1B Was applied on Aug 2015 and got RFE on Apr 2016. As I had exceeded 240 days rule and my attorney is not confident that the H1B will be approved, she had advised me to send the H1B RFE response in regular processing and to apply for H4/EAD concurrently as my spouse has approved I 140.



On July 1st, my H1b was approved. So my attorney advised me to withdraw the H4/EAD on July18th. But the H1B/EAD got approved on july 26th and received them in the mail on Aug1st.



I am not sure what status will be retained now. Either H1 or H4/EAD. My attorney says that the H4/EAD will be considered and we didn't even receive notice/update regarding H4/EAD cancellation request. And many of the forum says the Last action will be the current status.



Is there any way that I can approach USCIS directly and make things clear ?


Thanks in advance

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I am also in similar situation.I am eligible for H4 EAD but did not apply so far.I am waiting for my H1B RFE to be responded by my employer.Amy help in this scenarion would be appreciated. Let us know if we switch from H1B to H4 EAD or vice versa. Also,If i get my H4 ead and didnt use it. Would it impact my H1B or H4 EAD.

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