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Hi Sir

My Employer applied H1 and H4 extension together in premium. H1 got approved I got RFE for H4. 

we came US in March 3 2015 my visa was valid till Sept 30 2015 and it went well we got extension till Sept 13 2016. We applied extension this year H1 got approved till Aug 17 2018 but we got RFE in H4.


USCIS stating that on Feb 12 2016 beneficiary departed US but we never left after March 3 2015.

They are asking   documents:

1.Arrival-departure record(form I-94):Initial I94 as well as all the extension that granted to stay in US

2.Passport Pages:All pages of passport

3.Passport validity:Submit evidence to show that you have a valid passport


I have all the documents but I am new to sending file to USCIS. I not sure for point 3 if i am sharing all the pages of passport in point 2?

do I have to send H1 approval 797 with this?

do I need to send copy of these for all the dependents(wife _2 son) or only wife, in RFE letter only wife's name has mention?

do I have to notarised photocopies?

Please help me out, I will be thankful for all responses





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If USCIS is asking for evidence of an applicant's status in an I-539 RFE with multiple applicants, it is usually a good idea to document the status and eligibility for approval of all applicants included in the I-539. In some instances, USCIS has been known to make a mistake about a person's departure. In other instances, USCIS has been known to think someone has left the United States and not re-entered if the person applied for a visa at an American Consulate without appearing at the Consulate - by just sending the passport there for visa issuance. For specific legal advice, it is necessary to consult directly with an attorney.

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