H1-B visa stamping


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I got my H1-B in 2004 (stamp in passport) and was in the US from 2005-06. I returned to the US in 2010 on a H4 visa (stamp in passport). At this time, there was a 'Canceled' stamped on the H1-B in my passport. I got back on to the H1-B in August 2013. I have not been to India since then. Would I need to go only to India to get the visa stamped or would it be possible to get the visa stamped in Mexico or Canada too?




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As this is not your first time H1B visa so you can go to both countries, Mexico or Canada. Mexico you can go only for renewal and not for first time H1B visa stamping while to Canada you can go for first time H1B stamping and also for renewal. Hope this answers. Hope other readers can correct me if I am wrong but Canada is definitely safe to go anytime.

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