Misuse of Visitor Visa - Complain to USCIS


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If someone enters from India on a Visitor Visa and instead of staying with sponsor if they stay with someone else for the whole period of their visit to USA aren't they breaking law? 


How do we complain about this? where do we reach out for such complaints?


A son dumped their parents at someone else place while he is the sponsor for their visit to USA.  The parents too are conveniently not moving out of this house and misusing the privacy and other things. While a decent request did not help, that family want to go ahead complaining about this to USCIS. How can this be done? It's been very inconvenient and they are not sure as what can be done and whom to reach out to. 


Please do not suggest generosity, humanity... and others... each person's situation is different. There is privacy, expenditure involved. No one has the right to misuse this. Many requests did not help. That family is not interested to go to cops either. 


Is there a way that USCIS take interest and will inquire about this? 

OR is it just going to be one of the illegal immigrant case?

They have been to US twice on Visitor Visa. Please help this family. This is quite a very unpleasant situation. 

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