H4-COS(H1)-H4 Dropbox Eligibility


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My wife came to US on H4 visa stamp which was valid until Sept 2015 and she had a COS to H1 without stamping in 2012 and she is back to H4 from July 2016.


She is going to india for stamping this month end and we are thinking of Dropbox as her last visa stamp was for H4 and it's not been an year since her last stamp expired.


Is any one in the same boat and is she eligible for Dropbox?


Please let me know your thoughts.

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Hi mine is also same situation. I came to US on H4  which is valid till Oct 2015,prior to that i had h1 COS with out stamping in Feb,2014 and i came back to H4 from Sep 2014. Where i filed my h4 to h1 transfer in Apr 2015 and till date no response.


I am planning to go to india back to h4 stamping and thinking to use drop box because my last visa stamp h4 and again its not an year since my last stamp expired.


In simple words h4 expired and h4 to h1 is in process from a year, so thinking go back to h4 stamp in india using drop box


Did you any answer from anyone , whether are you eligible for drop box.


Please post your reply in case you get any suggestions from anyone

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