H1 - Stamp Done - another H1 petition approved


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Hello Experts,


I have a couple of quick questions about VISA and entering to U.S.


I have H1-B VISA stamped with Employer A (Without I-94) and that Job doesn't start until Next month. And I have another job offer with Employer B who is ready to apply H1 under premium processing and the job starts within 2 weeks. 


1. Could I enter USA with my VISA stamped for Empl A, but Show Approved Emp B petition at POE? (Not sure if H1 petition with Emp B  can be filed as extension of stay, Please correct me, if I may have confused here)


2. Also, when is the earliest I can enter USA , I heard 10 days before the Job starts. But when is the latest, like if I want to enter lets say 3 months later, Will that be a problem at POE ,asking why did I get VISA stamped earlier? 


Please let me know. I appreciate your time and answers in this regards.


Thank you. 

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