H1B Consular Processing Approved - Can I stay on OPT until Dec-2016.


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Dear Admin,


My employer applied H1b this year and it got approved (Consular Processing). I'm right now working on OPT which expires during Dec-2016. 


The I-797 approval notice says H1b - From Oct-1-2016 till Sep-1-2018 with a Consulate Name mentioned. My employer said they will file an "Amendment of COS for H1B" if at all I wish to continue work without going to Home country for visa stamping for sometime.


Can someone please help me with the following questions:



1. The Dates on my I-797 (Oct-1-2016 till Sep-1-2018) - does these dates mean I will be on H1b Status from Oct-1-2016 ?


The H1B Status will only be activated only after submitting H1b amendment for COS?


2. Can I continue working  on OPT until Dec-2016 ? and then before expiry of OPT can the H1b COS amendment be Filed? Which means after Dec-2016 I wll be on H1B Status?


Appreciate your help. Many Thanks.



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