Selected in lottery but sent passport copy without international travel stamp


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Hi All,


Will be great if someone could clarify my query below:-


I got selected in lottery this year and just realized that I messed up sending the passport copy.


I did send the copy of all passport pages. But while going through the sent docs yesterday, I realized I sent the copy scanned in Jan 2015. My H1B was filed last year as well and I did not get pick in lottery then.


I had travelled to dubai on tourist visa in March 2015. I had completely forgotten about this travel while submitting documents this year and so ended up sending the last scanned passport(Jan 2015 one ) which does not have the stamps of my Dubai visit. (my sheer ignorance on messing this up:-( )


Now the sent passport in the docs to USCIS does not have this stamp and am very worried. I am yet to receive any updates over my case number.


Can you please let me know what happens in such scenarios?


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