First H1B visa stamping in Ottawa, Canada.


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Hi, this is forum is so helpful to me while I was getting ready for my H1b visa process and so now it’s my turn to share my H1B visa experience. I went to Ottawa, Canada to attend my first H1B visa stamping. I did my masters here, have been working on OPT and now I went to get my H1B visa stamped in Ottawa, Canada.


My visa interview date was on July 7th 2016 (Thursday). I drove to Ottawa. I started here on July 6th afternoon and reached hotel in Ottawa by 10 pm. My hotel was 25 min away from US embassy.


Questions asked while entering to Canada:


It was a lady office at the booth (it’s like a toll booth).

I: Good evening officer and I gave her my passport showing Canada visa.

Officer: Good evening. Where are going?

I: Ottawa.

Officer: Why?

I: For tourism purpose and I also have a Visa interview at US embassy.

Officer: ok. You must be having something else then (She forgot the name of the H1B copy i.e I797A).

But I understood what she was asking so I took my I797A form and gave to her.

I: Just laughed and told her it is I797A form.

Officer: ok. She stamped admitted date on my passport and gave my passport back.

And then she told me that I didn’t stop at the stop sign that’s there before going to the booth. She was nice. She told me that I shouldn’t do that while entering to US as US officers at the boarder get mad. She said that and she smiled.

I told her thank you so much and started driving.



My interview was scheduled at 10:45 am on July 7th 2016. But I went to embassy by 8:20 am and I wanted to try if security let me allow in earlier so I went to the door. There was a lady security officer. I told her that I have an interview. She asked me what time. I told her it’s at 10:45 am. Then she told me to come around 10 am. Then I looked at her in a way that it’s so long that I have to stay. Then she told me she would go inside and check if they are fine allowing me earlier and she came out and she told me it was not crowded on that day so she was willing to let me in. She was so nice and let me in. So I went inside by 8:30 am. There was a small line I think 7 members. There was a lady checking DS-160 forms and putting a sticker on passports and followed by a security check up. It’s was quick. Then I was in a line to get my fingers printed which is just next window to the actual interview place. It took 10 minutes to get my fingers printed at the window. She asked me if my photo on Ds-160 was recent one. I said yes, it was 3 months back. Then she said ok. I was expecting she would ask me my passport size photo (Hard copy). But she didn’t ask me. Seems to be if the photo used while filling DS-160 is latest, then we need not to submit a new passport photo (hard copy) at the time of interview. Then I was sent to visa interview window. There were 2 members in front of me.


It was a lady officer.

I: Very good morning officer.

Officer: Smiled and looked at me.

I: Gave her my passport and I 797 forms.

Officer: Is it your H1B renewal?

I: no. It’s my first H1B.

Officer: Are you working at your employer’s location or at client location?

I:  Client location.

Officer: Who is it?

I: I told my client name.

Officer: what are doing for the client?

I: I told in her what I do for the client.

Officer: what’s your highest degree?

I: Maters in computers.

Officer: Did you do any research?

I: no

Officer: Did I do OPT?

I: yes.

Officer: She was typing something in the computer and she slowly told me that my visa has been approved.


By the time I come out, it was 9:30 am. It took 1 hour to finish everything. I choose home delivery while choosing delivery option in visa appointment site. I chose to get my passport delivered to Toronto as I will be going there to stay at my friends place over the weekend. I drove to Toronto and stayed at my friend’s place until I get my passport back.

My DS-160 status in VISA appointment site:

July 7th (Thursday): Administrative process.

July 8th (Friday): Issued.

July  12th (Tuesday): Updated with tracking number.

July 13th (Wednesday): Got my passport to hand (my friend’s place).


It took 2 days extra to get my passport delivered as there was a strike going on with Canada postal service.

I got my passport on July 13th (Wednesday) by 10 am and I started driving back to US that afternoon. I entered to us through Niagara (peace bridge).


Questions while entering to US:

This time I stopped at the stop sing.

I: Good afternoon officer and I gave my passport.  

Officer: where are you going?

I:  New Jersey.

Officer: Do live there?

I: Yes.  

Officer: Are you entering to US first time on H1b?  

I: Yes.

Officer: just checked inside my car with a glimpse. He gave me a slip and asked me to go to a place where I should park my car and go inside an office. He sent my passport directly to the office.

I went to the office and sat for 15 min as there were other people getting their I-94. I was called after 15 min. It was a lady officer.

I: Good afternoon.

Officer: Good afternoon. Are you going to work for your employer on H1b?

I: yes and I am already working for them and gave her my I797 A form.

Officer: she told me she couldn’t find that I am working for my employer and said something….Looks like she was little bit confused with something. But after 2 min she said I should pay $6 to get my I94.

I gave her $6 and she gave me I-94. I told her thanks and came out. I drove back to NJ by evening.





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Hello Ramsandy09,

I am an F1 planning to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. After reading your experience, I can relate a lot because I am currently on OPT and soon my H1B will be activated by October 1. I want to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. Therefore, this will be my first H1B visa stamping. I have the following questions:


1. How do I get the canada visa? By requesting a friend or relative to give me an invitation letter?

2. Anything else you suggest I should not forget when going for H1B visa stamping?


I will appreciate any insight on this.


Thank you.

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