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I was working for Employer A in 2014 and got my H1B Extension approved till Aug, 2017. I travelled to India on Jan, 2015 and got my Visa also till Aug, 2017


Later in 2015, I switched to Company B and got the H1B Amendment done. The validity of that was till Oct, 2016 and therefore I had my Extension(Premium) also done. I got to last week that my Extension got approved.

Today, I got to know to know the sad news that my mother expired. I would want to travel my trip to India


1) is it only safe to travel to India once I get my Approval documentation in hand ?

2) Since the approval was done in Premium, would the Attorney's receive it sooner and would they be able to send it to me quicker ?

3) Would I need to go for a new Visa stamping ? I did read in many forums that it was not required.


Do suggest me the best course of action for my case




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