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I need help with my situation. Can someone please suggest? 

I have H1B with employer A, I -94 valid till January 28th 2018, then I transferred my H1B to Employer B last year, I got I 797 and I94 only till August 26th 2016. I moved back to Employer A in May 2016, same client, same location, as my H1B with Employer A is not cancelled. 

What will happen to my I-94 after August 26th 2016? Which I-94 is valid Employer A one or Employer B one? The I-94 number is same for both. 

What are the options? Do I have to go out of the country and get stamped with employer A 1797? 

Are there any options to extend just I-94 within the country? Can I apply for amendment to get I-94 extension? 


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So, did employer A pay you while you were at employer B?

Because if employer A didn't inform USCIS to have the H1 canceled, they basically stated that you were still working there.

You need to discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer.

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