How long is an approved I-140 valid?


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I am in the US for more than 6 years and I-140 is approved and Priority Date is in 2011.

My Current H1B (I-797) is valid till Aug 2017.
I am planning to return back to India, quit my current job and find new job in India.

Assuming my current U.S. employer will *NOT* revoke I-140, I would like to know

1. Can i come back to the U.S, lets say in year 2020, by finding a new job in the US with new employer and new employer just need to do H1B transfer or will i need new H1B visa ?

2. Will this H1b be subjected to H1B Quota (i am asking because i have approved I-140) ? 

Thanks a lot in advance for your input

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