H1 Visa Appt - Passport Expiring in 3 months


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A friend of mine had booked H1 Visa appointment next month in India and he realized today that his passport in expiring in 3 months from the date of visa interview. There is no time for him to renew his Indian passport here in USA before he go out of US. He wanted to find:


1) if the visa is approved, will it be given till the end of his H1 petition or just to the end of passport validity?

2) If visa is approved till the end date of the petition, at POE will I-94 be given 10 days plus visa validity or just until passport validity?

3) If visa is approved until the end of petition, can he immediately renew passport in India under tatkal schema. If so, how many days it may be take?


Any info given to point in the right direction would be immensely helpful.


Thank you!







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1) his visa stamping will be given until end of his h1 petition .

2) this is why happend to couple of my friends who came from. India recently in the month of June and July 2016

his i94 will be until the dates he mentioned on the Ds 160 . Do you Remenber the question on Ds 160 where it asks

a) have made travel arrangements

b)intended duration of stay

What ever u answer for this questions on Ds 160

3) ur friend can renew the passport in india and he will get passport in 2 days . If he has new passport before visa interview he can take new passport to the finger printing interview and have them change the passport nunver.

If ur friend renews passport after visa stamping . He will have to carry both the passports

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