H1B Transfer - possible to find a new sponsor?


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While I was working for company A under H1B, I got an offer for a similar position from company B.

We filed the tranfer petition, and the request was received by USCIS on April 22, 2016.


I resigned from my previous employer on May 6, 2016, but did not start working for company B, as the company wanted me to start after we get a final approval.


After a 3 month wait, we still did not hear back from USCIS as they were taking some more time to review additional information about the company and the position. On 7/28, I found out that company B will no longer proceed with my position, so we have to end this process.


Since I was not expecting this to happen, I don't have a plan B as of now.


I believe I was not considered out of status until now (from May 6 when I resigned) because the petition got filed before this date, even though I don't have paychecks since May 6th.


Would it be possible for me to find another employer who's willing to sponsor? (meaning high chance to get the transfer approved)

I heard that it is very difficult to get the transfer approved if there's a term between the termination and filing date.

However, I feel that my case can be considered different as I was waiting for the visa approval in the meantime.


If you could please help me figure it out, I will greatly appreciate it!

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