H1B Amendment and Extension applied before 6months


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My employer has filed my H1B Extension and Amendment in February 2nd week, while my H1b expires on Aug 24th. I have the receipt number with recieved date as Feb 18th which is more than 6 months of my H1B expiry. I haven't heard back from USCIS, since it's regular processing


1. Will they process my extension along with amendment if it's more than 6 months.?

2. Do I have to apply H1b extension again before Aug 24?

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I applied for Amendment and extension last year about 7 months before expiry date. Did not face any issues. But I still had to go for PP since they are soooooooo busy. Anyways, I got the extension for only 1 year and had to go through the extension process this year too. If you are in contracting like me, my advice to you is dont switch jobs just for few extra $$. Stay where you are for as long as you can.

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