Travel on OPT when H1b approved and OPT getting expired on Sep 14th


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   I got my H1b approved on July 22nd 2016. I want to travel to India during Aug 20th to Sep 3rd 2016. My opt ends on Sep 14th 2016 which is before start of my h1b Oct 1st. I will be in cap gap from Sep 14th to Sep 30th and that is why I am planning to return back before my opt gets expired.


My question: is it safe to travel during above mentioned dates ? if yes can I return to USA on F1 visa as my OPT is still valid by that time without stamping as I already having valid F1 stamping until 2017. 


I heard that there will be 50-50 chances that they would allow me to return to USA as there will be only few days left for my valid OPT as my OPT expires on Sep 14th and I am returning on Sep 3rd. 


Anyone please let me know if it is safe to travel with only few days left on my OPT card before my H1B starts. Any help appreciated.

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