H1 to H4 conversion.


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Hi to all members,


I am looking for some suggestions regarding the situation i have.
I have VISA (H1b) will be expiring on Sep 16, 2016
I completed my project First week of June 2016 and i started the process of converting to H4 EAD from H1b.

I thought of traveling to India for stamping for H4 VISA.
But by looking at dates,I am not getting VISA interview date for H4 on or before Sep 16 which means i might go out of status and need to travel to India and have to wait in INDIA until i get the VISA stamping.

In order to avoid those, do we have any better options?
1. Can i travel to Canada for H4 stamping now as we are not getting dates? 
        Last time i went to stamping (Via Drop box) on Aug 2013 for h4 extension.
        After that i got  h1b and worked on H1b until this June but i never went out side US so i didn't have any h1b stamping.
2. Can we apply for H4 on or before H1b expire in parallel so that she don't go out of status?
3. During H4 in process, If we get VISA date in India, can she go to stamping and come back?

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