OPT STEM Extension Denied

Ravi MS

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Hi All, I have a difficult situation. Can anyone guide me please !!


I filed I-765 for OPT STEM Extension on March 1st 2016. The application was received by USCIS on March 7th 2016. I regularly checked status online and it showed that the application was under process. On May 31 2016, the online status changed to "We are working on the response you sent for our RFE". But I never received any RFE till date and I never responded to anything. So I called up USCIS and briefed them my situation. They accessed my account and told me that there was no RFE on my profile and asked me not to worry about online status as it is common to find errors online. So I waited for 2 weeks and the online status was still the same, so I contacted back and received the same reply from them once again. But on July 3rd 2015 I got a physical notice saying that my OPT was denied with the reason "USCIS sent you a RFE to have your DSO submit a  complete and endorsed SEVIS form I-20 to confirm his/her recommendation of your request for employment authorization. The form I-20 that was returned to USCIS was not completed and/or endorsed by DSO as required by the regulations."


But the thing is that I never received any RFE and never responded for anything. And my 1st OPT ended on June 11th 2016. And the deadline for Motion to Reopen/Reconsider is August 1st 2016. I call up my University Immigration adviser and briefed my situation. They mailed USICS about my situation and we are waiting for response. 


As the deadline is approaching, I need some suggestions on how to proceed. So can anyone help me if so who ever faced this or heard similar situations. And since my 1st OPT ended, is it legal to continue working at this point of time.


Any suggestion or comment will be very helpful. Thanks !!

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