Parents tourist visa question based on mine (GC) or spouse's (Citizen) sponsorship


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                        I am a Green Card holder, based on my wife (US born). I want to know how can I file for my parents tourist visa for them to visit us ? How can we apply for that and how much time it usually takes for the process ? Any help will be great and highly appreciated.




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I don't think there is any difference for your parent's visitor visa because what your or your wife's status. It is will be just routine B1B2 business/tourist visa. Lot of people get it for 10 years & takes about a week to receive if all documents are in order. Nothing extra ordinary document - passport, application, DS form, photos, your tax returns, invitation letter...etc. I did it twice for my parent & it was not so much difficult.

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You may find format somewhere on internet for sure and it is not a complicated letter. The purpose of it is to let visa officer know that applicant is not just going to US for the purpose of immigration illegally. It also tells them who will pay for their trip, how long will they stay, what is return date if any, what will they do, and most importantly they why they want to go back to home country (ties to home country)...etc. If you send me your email address, I will send you copy of what I used.

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