can we work legally with the LCA which was approved from differnt project and then later convert to new LCA after receiving appropriate client letters


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Currently iam transferring my H1 to the new employer where they initiated the LCA with their internal project and got the receipt number, now got the new job and initiated the LCA with the appropriate client details, but the client wants me to join immediately, so can I join them with the old LCA which was approved for the different project other than client project, so that once the LCA gets approved for new client position, can I convert the LCA to new one after joining the project. currently I have all the letters from client and initiated the new LCA but as this new LCA will take approx. 5 business days and as client wants me to join ASAP is there any way I can join with old LCA and then later convert to new LCA. can any one respond with any suggestions, any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated

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