Can one reapply for the OPT once it has been denied?


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I applied for opt after finishing my MSCIS degree. I got denied after 9 months by mentioning the reason of university transfer. In my  denial letter the reason they mentioned that because i did not not pursuing a full course of study( ref:214.2(f)(8)(i)) at the school I was last authorized. So my opt was denied because of transferring school at the first quarter. 

However, before getting denial i applied to withdraw my opt application and got admitted for another degree , but i did not get any answer about withdrawal letter from uscis. In sevis, they just deactivate my old degree and activate my current degree.


Now, I am planning to reapply for opt again because i did not use my opt before.

So, my question is " Can I reapply for opt even though I got denied once " ?


Note: A lot of my friends are getting opt approval even though they transferred their sevis from one school to another  without pursuing a  full course of study(214.2(f)(8)(i))


Please help me out !!



References :214.2(f)(8)(i)



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