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   Here is my case, hope someone can answer my question below:


I am a PhD student here in USA on F1 VISA. I got married during my final thesis. I came back to USA to find a job thinking of bringing my wife to USA under F2 visa but things changed as I could not find a job.


Meanwhile I applied to Green Card under EB1C AFTER my marriage and got the Green Card.


Now how can I bring my wife to USA? What are the options I had?


Please help me.



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Sorry, it is a typo. Yes I mean EB1A. I did find a website which had detailed information on "Following-to-Join" benefits for spouse and chidren.


I am little concerned that the same information on "Following-to-Join" benefits on USCIS website is not talking about Spouse but just on Children. 

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please reference follow to join benefits lower down on the following page.




"  Following-to-Join Benefits

This section is for beneficiaries who became permanent residents through a preference classification.

If you were married and/or had children who did not obtain permanent residence at the same time you did, they may be eligible for follow-to-join benefits. This means that you do not have to submit a separate Form I-130 for your spouse and/or children. In addition, your spouse and/or children will not have to wait any extra time for a visa number to become available. In this case, you may simply notify a U.S. consulate that you are a permanent resident so that your spouse and/or children can apply for an immigrant visa.

Your spouse and/or children may be eligible for following-to-join benefits if: 

  • The relationship existed at the time you became a permanent resident and still exists, AND 
  • You received an immigrant visa or adjusted status in a preference category. 

If your family member falls into this category and you adjusted to permanent residency in the United States, you may submit the following:

If you are in the United States and have not yet filed to adjust your status to permanent resident, you can file Form I-824 with your Form I-485, in which case no supporting documents are needed other than those submitted with Form I-485.

If you received the immigrant visa overseas, you may contact the National Visa Center (NVC) for follow-to-join information. Send your inquiry by e-mail to NVCInquiry@state.gov or by writing to the National Visa Center, ATTN:  WC, 32 Rochester Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909. 

To download the forms and instructions mentioned above, see the corresponding link in the “Forms” section to the right.""

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