H1B stamping while EAD/AP renewal pending

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I have a valid EAD/AP card (which expires in next 3 months)

I am not using EAD/AP card as I am maintaining H1B status

I am planning to apply for renewal of EAD/AP which I am assuming will take 3-4 months to renew.


Now I am planning to go travel and go for H1B stamping next month and plan to return based on H1B stamp. 




1. Do you think, that leaving the country and going for stamping would effect in any way the pending renewal application for EAD/AP?


2. In case, H1B visa stamping is delayed or refused for some reason, can I come back on my current unexpired EAD/AP?


3. Will coming back on current valid EAD/AP effect the renewal application for EAD/AP?


Please advise


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