221g White Slip - H1 Docs Submitted - Contact Information


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Hello Guys, I received 221g white slip in Hyderabad consulate. They asked for my H1 peition documents(LCA, I129, MSA, USCIS letter) and Its been more than two weeks  I have submitted the documents. what is the email address I can contact for any updates about my case and a phone number if there is one. I would really really appreciate it.


Thank you.

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Hi Bob,


i am also in the same situation. I attended interview on April 26th , VO gave me 221g white slip and asked me to send the same documents like you. i am waiting from then. you can contact support-india@ustraveldocs.com, 

Please keep me posted if you get any updates


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Hello Sree, I wanted to check with you if you know Consulate has contacted your employer or client or any other verification has been made? And what are the timelines of the inquiry, how did they contact, what were they looking for, when did they inquire, how long did they take to send you the email after inquiring?  How long did they take to issue you visa after you submitted passport?


Appreciate any information provided. Thank you very much.

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Hello all, I received an email from Consulate to submit my passport last week. I have submitted it and VISA was issued.


Interview date: May 13, 2016 - 221g for all H1 petition documents

Documents Submission date: June 6

Request for passport submission date: July 18

Case status changed on Issued: July 21.

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Hi Bob,


My wife received  221g white form, as visa officer said he couldn't find details about her petition. He said she will receive a email and need to send all documents(Petition documents, client letters, contract between client and her employer) via email in pdf format. we have all documents ready and Its been 4 days we didn't receive any email, do we need to wait or we can send them to email address they mentioned in 221g form hydadmin@state.gov ?

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