Urgent (Getting another TN while waiting for TN to E2 status change)


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Greetings everyone! Thanks in advance for your help.

I was on a TN with i94 validity until 2018 when I applied for change of status to E2 in mid march this year. Around the same time, I resigned from my job and moved to NY to develop my start up enterprise for which I'm seeking E2. A month back I received a RFE regarding my E2 application. As I'm working on putting together the RFE response and sending it in the next few weeks, I have this amazing job opportunity for some months where I can work on TN. The company is ready to apply for premium processing. My question is:


1. Can i apply for another TN inside US while in the current situation and, even more importantly, will it affect my E2 application? 


I dont see a problem because when I applied for E2, I was on a TN and now iam in between statuses (although technically my i94 is still valid and employers dont report to USCIS for TN people when they leave jobs). Also, as one can have multiple TN's, im not  reallyapplying for another change of status, but just an extra TN.

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