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  1. myvisaquery

    Divorce in US

    Hi, Don’t take Divorce. If you take divorce, your daughter life will be impacted, now it may be good to you but later in life you will regret a lot. It’s better to keep her out separate for sometime and later after sometime I hope everything will be settle down.
  2. myvisaquery

    Birth certificate needed

    Thank you Pontevecchio for your time in giving us the detail information. I really appreciate you.
  3. Hi, I was born in 1970’s, at that time we don’t have any birth certificate hence I don’t have any birth certificate except school certificate. Unfortunately no one is there in India to get me affidavit for the birth certificate. Can you please tell me, how can I get birth certificate or affidavit or any document related to birth certificate while I’m in US. Thanks.
  4. Hi, 3rd verification came stating “ uscis couldn’t verify my status “ and driving license people are telling me I need to take an appointment with uscis and get “ lawful presence verified” then I can get driving license , I tried calling uscis but it’s no use. Based on current scenario, my H4 approval will take year end to get. Is anyone having any information about renewal of driving license, when h4 processing is pending. Thank You.
  5. Hi, My spouse H1 got approved and my H4 processing is in pending status, nowadays it takes so much time to get H4 approve, Can I go for visa stamping to Mexico or home country, with my spouse’s H1 approved document ? Thank You.
  6. Hi, My H4 processing is in pending, went to Texas DMV for renewal, 2nd verification states “ lawful presence is pending” and sent 3rd verification to USCIS. Is anyone knows any information about what will happen to driving license renewal when H4 processing is in pending and waiting for 3rd verification from USCIS.
  7. Hi, 1 - Can H4 stay in US while H1 is traveling to India for an urgent situation. 2 - How many weeks can H4 stay in US without H1. 3 - Within 3 weeks to 4 weeks H1 is returning back to US, then what are the complications we may face in future, due to the absence of H1 and H4 staying alone in US for 3 to 4 weeks. 4 - Which department in US do we need to contact to get an accurate information on this so that it would be on safer side. Thank you.
  8. myvisaquery


    Thank You very much Vinayprirajin84.
  9. Congratulations Vinayprirajin. After reading some posts we are much worried about the majors in master's & EVC model, but your reply have reduced much of our tension, Thank You very much for all your replies.