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    N400 eligibility

    Thank you, all for your responses.
  2. wizgem

    N400 eligibility

    Hello, I got my Green card in July 2011 and I am planning to apply for my USC now. In the past 5 years, I have stayed out of the US for 406 days but my stay outside never exceeded more than 6 months in one go. I just got back to US a month back after 1 month of vacation. Can I apply now or should I have to wait 3 months since I just got back a month back, please let me know
  3. Hello, I have sponsored my daughter on Immigrant visa(FTJ) and currently she is in USA. I am still 1.5 years away from applying for my Citizenship. I would like to know if my daughter can go back to her home country and join me again as Citizen when I apply for mine along with her. Please let me know. BTW , she is 5 year old
  4. Hello, I had filed FTJ for my child and my I-824 was approved last week from Texas center. I got a mail saying my case is now transferred to Chennai Consulate. what will happen next? Will I get another mail to my US address from Chennai Consulate with fee details and documents required or do I need to contact Chennai consulate?