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  1. Do you guys know how long it will take after the client verification is complete until asked to submit the passport?
  2. l1toh1us

    H1 Visa Refused after 221G. - Help

    very sorry to hear that. Did the consulate try to contact your client B?
  3. l1toh1us

    H1B 221G (Blue) Admin Processing @ chennai

    Anyone @chennai consulate receive blue form for admin processing and got an email from consulate to submit the passport?
  4. l1toh1us

    H1B 221G (Blue) Admin Processing @ chennai

    Search in google for 'vfs chennai administrative processing' and click on the 'case status report' This gets updated everyday. Initially u might not see ur case for blue 221g. But it should show up when the processing is complete. I am also still waiting for my case to show up.
  5. l1toh1us

    H1B 221G (Blue) Admin Processing @ chennai

    @romeo18: My case number does not show up on the website. I still have the passport with me. Just waiting for the email from consulate. @northwest.bobby: Thanks for ur advice.Does it lead to rejection even after a good response from the client? All they have done is sent a questioner which is a standard format and the client have replied to that confirming my contract. I am wondering why this might lead to a negative result.
  6. Sai, First of all congratulations for the stamping. Can you please update your contact details on ur profile page or can u send me an email(id is in my profile). I am planning to go for stamping to chennai. I am with the similar case, transfered from L1-->H1B with EVC model and extension stamping. Thanks
  7. l1toh1us

    Last Name is misspelled in the 140 approval notice

    Even my approved 140 notice had my name in the petitioner name field instead of my company name. Attorney has contacted the USCIS and they said they will respond in 30 days. Even i have do my H1 extn based on 140 approval. Attorney suggested to wait till we get the corrected approval notice. i suggest the same to everyone waiting for the correction before applying for H1 extn to avoid any problem.
  8. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    USCIS Received Date:09/20/10 Approval Date:05/06/11 Status (Pending/Approved/Denied/RFE):Approved Processing (Regular/Premium):Regular Category (EB2/EB3):EB2 Service Centre:TSC Online status still shows 'Initial Review' but Attorney received the approval notice. All the best for everyone.
  9. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    Still in Initial Review. Receipt date : 20-Sep-2010 Category: EB2 Location: Texas LUD: 2/26
  10. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    Some July and August approvals coming in. Anyone with Sep got approval?
  11. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    Any updates for anyone applied in Sep ?
  12. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    @digitaleye - did u get to know anything??
  13. l1toh1us

    I-140 applied in Aug 2010, EB2 Texas

    Mine was applied in Aug and i see the last update date changed. Check ur last update date. I guess they have started the processing for aug and sep 140 application.
  14. l1toh1us

    I-140 Filled on Sep 2010

    I see the last update date on my 140 changed to 2/26. My filing date was sep 15th.