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  1. raavij

    Is it right time to go for H1B visa stamping?

    you can go to Canada.
  2. you can go when you are returning at port of entry you need to show the new approved I-797 so that your i-94 will be issued up to 2020. drop box is suspended temporarly
  3. raavij

    3 h1b rejected: Ottawa :(

    Hi Krics, Where did u went for visa stamping.?
  4. raavij

    3 h1b rejected: Ottawa :(

    i dont why are u telling all the sad stories(where r u getting all these from )......i hav got stamped at vancouver on EVC couple of my frinds went to ottawa stamped there...i didn't see any objections in EVC atleast in canada....
  5. pls consult ur state senator or ask any of ur friend to go the office in person. 100% sure they will help u
  6. raavij

    India or Canada

  7. guys, people who do studied on materials science and chemical engineering will defently had more chances of administration processing..don't get panic u will get visas in 2 or 3 weeks
  8. Yes it was happend to me as same.please check below the following thing u hav to do. PIMS Processing Update If there’s a chance a beneficiary of a petition needs to obtain a visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate after the petitioner requests a change of status, extension of status, or amendment to the original petition it is advisable that the petitioner submit 2 copies of the updated petition with the original signatures on all forms to USCIS. When submitting the 2 copies of the updated petition it is encouraged to identify one of them with a brightly colored cover sheet with the notation “Please send this copy to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) upon approval”. Once approved, USCIS will then forward the marked copy of the updated petition to KCC for scanning and entry into the PIMS database where the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will be able to access the updated petition. reference:http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1271.html#4
  9. This was PIMS update u will get passport in one or 2 weeks
  10. raavij

    DS-160 - Previous employer details

    yes u need to
  11. hi i have faced the same thing in my first H1 b i-797 but when i went out of the country and come back. i got a new i94 and DOB also corrected.so no worries this was happend to me 4 yrs back
  12. raavij

    Vancouver H1-B stamping on Feb 16th

    i got my passport...it took 5 business days..for PIMS verification
  13. i got my passport. it took 5 business days for me for PIMS verification.
  14. hi gopal,ask him to email to aavula@att.net will share so that expences will be less for both of us
  15. if its in canada it will take min 3 to 7 business days. and in india 2 weeks