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  1. tanishkaa

    H1b Visa validity for India Travel/Atlanta POE

    You should be fine. I came on H1 twice with few months left on H1 in 2011 and 2015 but POE was LAX. In 2015, I had 7 weeks left on H1 when I got stamping in Mumbai, no question asked regarding short time left on H1 but at POE officer was insisting about further extension filed or not. I said I didn't but that would be first thing I would do immediately. But please remember I had 7 weeks left, you will have good period .
  2. Please share H1/h4 stamping exp. We are also travelling end of March and have scheduled appointment at Mumbai consulate.
  3. tanishkaa

    H4 stamping with EAD

    Hi, I was on H1 earlier, converted to H4 in US and received EAD in US. I am visiting India and would need stamping for H4 which will be my first time for H4. As I am currently working , I mentioned my current employment details in DS-160. I am not sure during visa interview/POE , will I need to carry employment verification letter or EAD card, current paystubs are sufficient ?
  4. tanishkaa

    Drop box eligibility for H4 stamp

    I have question regarding eligibility for applying H4 visa stamp. I was on H1B till March 2015 and converted COS to H4 while in US. My husband is still on H1B and his visa stamp got expired on Nov 2015. Our I797 is good till 2018. My question is if we travel in next couple of months to India, then I know my husband is surely eligible for drop box ( he is still within 1 year after expiry of his visa stamp Nov 2015) but will I be applying with him together for my H4 stamp as dropbox application ?
  5. tanishkaa

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, You could have applied your h4-EAD together with your H4 transfer. I guess you can't apply I-765 with new I-539 receipt number. USCIS only allow either I-539/I-765 concurrent or I-539 approved. Thanks
  6. tanishkaa

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, Did your wife already apply for EAD with/without I-140 receipt notice ? I am in same situation. Spouse's PERM approved coupe of months back, employer still gathering documents. Thanks
  7. tanishkaa

    Multiple I-140 processing

    Thanks for reply. My employer is really fussy about my whole GC process. I don't want them to make a stand that if you are getting it through your spouse then they will not proceed with my process. and that is reason why I don't ask to attorney since attorney always listens to employer. I understand I may not be able understand previous posts and that is reason why I keep asking.
  8. tanishkaa

    Multiple I-140 processing

    I know at the time of I-140 filing for Spouse , I can file as dependent petition with his application. But can I file my I-140 through my employer when my PERM gets approved ? In other words , does USCIS allows two I-140 for same person one as employer based and other as family dependent ? So whenever anyone from us has current PD at the time of I-485 filling , need to give only 1 I-140 details and need to withdraw second I-140 . Is that correct ?
  9. tanishkaa

    Multiple I-140 processing

    Hi, My PERM is currently pending and my spouse's PERM is approved. At the time of I-140 filing through spouse I would be filing 140 but my question is if my PERM gets approved through my employer, 1. Can I file 140 through my employer too? Is there any chances of rejection/void at that time ? 2. At the time of I-485 filing will I need to choose which I-140 I will be considering ? Thanks
  10. I will be doing COS from H1-H4 soon and as per the required document I want to know will the Indian registered marriage certificate which has 2 version ( local language and English) will work ? I saw on some thread we need to get affidavit for it. Is it true ?
  11. You need to wait until your PERM and I-140 gets approved and then you will be able to file H1 extension based on I-140 approved.
  12. tanishkaa

    H1 to H4 and again H4 to H1

    Thanks jairichi and rahul412.
  13. tanishkaa

    H1 to H4 and again H4 to H1

    All, My 6 years of H1 are ending in end of march and my employer delayed my Green Card paperwork so I wont be getting any extension based on PERM pending unless my I-140 is approved . Mean while I will be changing status from H1 to H4. I know for the fact I can file fresh H1 after 1 year. Does it mean I can file in April 2016 quota which will allow me to work after Oct 2016 ( if approved ) ? Are there any options besides ? Thanks
  14. tanishkaa

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    As per latest news, Republicans are going to pass Legislation which will reverse President Obama's executive action. Is that true ?
  15. Did you guys get approval ? My petition was filed Oct 10.