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  1. Hi , Got my green card thru marriage. After 2 years got bio metric test done to remove the temporary condition removed. I had to travel urgently out of the country. My green card expired on one month ago. My wife still in US. Can I travel back to US and what are my options? I will checking with lawyer but would to get some answers here. Thanks, Sameer.
  2. sam_rdn

    Multiple GC.

    My Employer kept just postponing for more then a year now. He did not increased my salary for 2 year, did not paid overtime and saying he is spending a lot on GC processing. I got married 3 months ago. I am planning to apply thru my citizen wife. But my employer has taken a lot from from overtime and no hike so I want him to continue till I get my GC. Anyway I will change him after I get my CG. Thanks for you replies. Sam..
  3. sam_rdn

    Multiple GC.

    Hi, My employer is applying for my CG. For the last 2 years he is just postponing and I am almost late now as my visa will expire in Jan 2014. I am applying thru my wife now who is a citizen. Is it OK to file more then one parallel. Will my employer come to know that I have applied thru my wife. I want my employer to continue because he has reduced my salary and has not given increment for 2 years saying he is applying for GC. Thanks, Sameer.
  4. Hi, On my birth certificate the there is a slight error. the birth city is spelled as 'KALBAG' instead of 'KULBAG'. A is written in place of U. Is there a problem with this. Any early reply is very helpful. Thanks in advance. Sam
  5. sam_rdn

    When is the latest time to start GC

    My H1 expires in Nov. My company is running the ads in April and May. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I am in 6th year of H1. My employer has just started running ad for jobs. Is this late or I still have time. What is the minimum time we need to file for GC before the H1 expires. Thanks, Sam
  7. I am on H1-B. Got engaged to US citizen but we postponed our marriage to May 2013(after winter). Meanwhile can I start the process to apply for the GC. If yes which application I need to file. I-130 or both I-130 and I-485. Thanks, Sam.