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  1. florida225

    h1b transfer question can any one answer

    Can any one give me the answer please company A h1b( petition sent to uscis ) is transfered to COmpany B company B i got 221g and my employer could not submit documents so petition with drawn.. can i still transfer that company A( valid till 2013) petition to new company ( company C).. Am i eligible to trasfer for that company A petition still to new company Experts please answer... others please dont give some blind answers please...
  2. Hi All, last year i came to india for stamping from Company A.. i got rejected and case sent back my petition is still valid to 2013 so i transfered to new company B in 2012.. Unfortunately i did not get VISA at that time and company B with drawn my petition.. So my question is how many times can we transfer from company A company A petition is still valid till 2013 can i transfer that valid petition to company C please answer my question Thanks
  3. Congratulations Varv finally u got it with great effort :)
  4. florida225

    Any success stories EVC in India consulates

    better go canada dont ruin ur future by coming india.. dont give a try in india plz.. already many are struck dont take a chance
  5. 221g blue final result is denial its all part of game.. final result will be case sent to USCIS and that will take again 5 -6 months better start process new h1 with other employer or jump to vendor but dont apply new h1 again with ur employer
  6. @balaji you can work remotely until ur employer recieves the revoke letter from uscis so visa is just to enter USA but it doesnt say u cannot work so u have a valid h1b petition still so u can work. until ur employer recieves revoke letter this info i got from attorney Thanks
  7. Congrats @ tinkuSep1 Can you please let me know what is ur work model EVC or EC or full time
  8. florida225

    asked to withdraw my h1b application at Hyd consulate

    @hellomahesh Hi Mahesh, Actually what happened in ur case is it EVC model or EC or Full time?? can you please elaborate ur Interview questions ?? Thanks
  9. Hi Any one attending h1b staming hyderabad in dec 2011 or jan 2012 please share ur experiences EVC model
  10. This is big drama from consulate these days they lately mail or inform us that the petition send back to uscis sincere request dont wait of petition re affirmation that might take 2 weeks to 5 months not sure exactly time. better apply new h1 from new employer ..
  11. florida225

    EVC model H1b approved in hyderabad

    @vidya.. Thanks for reply so i need to with draw any case .. because my petition send back to uscis update ur visa experience 2nd attempt please :) Good luck
  12. florida225

    EVC model H1b approved in hyderabad

    @seeni, did u withdraw the old petition ?? when you went for second attempt for stamping..?? i am also planning to attend in december again please provide any contact details or email .. we dont see any email in ur profile Thank you
  13. florida225

    chennai 221g blue - status tracking

    @l1toh1us Unfortunately there is no tracking for 221g blue slip You just need to email with case number to vfs chennai or call Dos weekly for update.. just wait for consulate email or update ..
  14. @ratna any contact details of your please i have some questions.. Appreciate for your help