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  1. There is no "adding" to your I-485. Your spouse will be filing his/her own I-485. However, the only way your spouse can become eligible to file I-485 under your category, you must be married before your I-485 is approved. If the marriage is after your green card application is approved, you will be able to sponsor your spouse under family category (some wait is expected).


    Now, given that you just found someone compatible, I would caution you against getting married to accommodate your green card schedule. Marriage is a bigger deal than a green card. Your SA does not seem to be up against the wall in status and has options. Just go at the pace two of you are comfortable.

  2. 1. No and yes. If you are planning to work for the old employer after the getting the green card, and the old employer is willing to hire you for the original position, you can use it. In other words, changing the job by itself does not invalidate the petition.

    2. No.

    3. Yes, you can use the old priority date in future EB petitions.

    4. Keep proof of the original priority date.

  3. Generally speaking, you are supposed to have the intent to work in the position/job you are being sponsored for "indefinitely". That means you are not expecting a swift change.


    In practical terms, if you or your spouse were not born in India or China, it makes total sense to switch now because your processing time in EB2 will be the same as in EB1. In not, you need some prioritizing to do - you need to thing what your end goal is, green card or career you love. Most people want the green card so they can work in a job that they love, yet, they routinely sacrifice a job that they love for a green card - talk about defying the goal! 

  4. Two things - green card sponsorship vs employment authorization. For the second one you need AC21 - assuming you are planning to work for B after getting your green card. For the first one, since H1B is out of question, you can either use your EAD or wait until your green card is approved - that second one requires an AC21 notification. You can file an AC21 notification with your job offer (no actual need to take the job until green card is approved).

  5. If you are the primary on an EB3 petition (does not allow self-sponsorship), then you should have at least a job offer in your profession (your = the one you were sponsored for) when and if the USCIS asks for it in an RFE. There is no requirement to be employed.

  6. No. Generally speaking, you want to have a copy bio page from your current or most recent passport submitted as photographic evidence that you are who you say you are. Sometimes, it is helpful to submit copy of the visa that you used when you entered the US last (if not available, it's not a huge deal as long as you have your I-94).