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  1. Well, you should not have marked yourself as single. It's like claiming you don't have a child if you have not received a birth certificate (i.e. makes no logical sense) or like my mother who once (long time ago) told me I could file for single mother benefits in my home country because I got married in Vegas and you know those Vegas marriages... LOL!


    So... you can either just not bring up attention to the fact that you marked "single" on your application or you can talk to a lawyer and try to file an amendment to the approved I-485 petition - note that the later will lengthen your follow to join timeline considerably. Since it is not unusual to have a follow to join case when marriage occurs after the filing date but before the approval date, I would say, it is unlikely that the USCIS will have a problem with your application being filed as single, especially, since your marital status does not impact your eligibility (in cases when it does, the USCIS will dig this up for sure). Your best defense is probably "oh, shoot, I screwed up, and I forgot about it".

  2. There are different categories of I-485. I am not sure how yours is done, but if it does not have an underlying I-140, then your full case is considered together (both your eligibility and I-485). It's also not clear if you filed in March or June. If you really filed in June, then there is still time. Also, if the other cases did not require an interview, they would be processed sooner. I am not sure why you think your case will need an interview, though.