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  1. You need a lawyer. You don't need cross country chargeability - you need to become derivative beneficiary of his petition (yes, it is different). Your husband can't do it - the initiative must come from you because we are talking about your application here. I would probably start with creating a service request on your I-485 to change your eligibility to your husband's derivative (provide his A and I-485 numbers). Then you should receive an RFE for marriage dociments and proof that his petition was filed/approved. There are other ways like sending those documents without RFE, but any unsolicited letters sent to the USCIS take months to process. Your most radical option is to file a new I-485 based on being his derivative, and once it is pending, withdraw your old I-485.
  2. Belle

    Per diem

    Actually, the offer for the green card clearly states that the employer should pay regular salary, and no other forms of compesation count. If they don't wish pay you salary pro-offered in the I-140, then you are free to leave any day.
  3. Belle

    Per diem

    "For AOS application it is expected to show past three years applicant 1040." Says who? I most certainly did not show a single 1040. Not even mentioning his GC has been approved.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. You can try to get a stamp in the passport or wait until the replacement card arrives.