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  1. She should seriously consider boarding that plane. It won't be pleasant for her, but it is the better alternative. If she is not effaced/dilated, she can still make it. Most airlines will let her board the plane until 36 weeks, and some airlines, like Delta, don't have restrictions at all.
  2. Belle

    i 485

    I doubt that a person so completely unaware of how immigration works or even how to use periods and capital letters in a sentence would have the foresight to file an LC under 245i.
  3. Belle

    Moving PD to EB2

    Try calling 1-800 number and creating a service request. You should also check if you are currently in EB2.
  4. 1. As a permanent resident, yes. 2. See the discussion above. You should also realize visitor visa, even if you get it, will only take you though 6 months.
  5. Belle

    i 485

    Do you have a lawyer? It is high time you get one. You have lived illegally in the US for over 10 years, and you won't be able to get a green card based on your spouse's green card. Did you even read the I-485 application? It is actually spelled out there very explicitly. Also, no qualified lawyer would ever suggest that you apply for AOS before your spouse is a citizen. If you are deported, you will be banned from entering the country for 10 years. Your only hope is getting a waiver, and it will be very hard to get (in fact, next to impossible, unless your citizen child has some sort of horrible health condition).
  6. Belle

    Do we need to file 485 twice ?

    No and maybe.
  7. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    Let me get this straight - the experience is fake, and the degrees are cr@p, so nobody deserves to immigrate. That's the usual outcome when immigrants fight against immigrants for a bigger piece of a measely handout - they only give the antis more reasons not to give them green cards. Ya'll just proved my point. Keep on fighting and digging your hole.
  8. "Why do you say in your example that "If you move from position 56,258 to 2,954 in the same line"?" Because realisatically speaking, if you are in the end of the EB3 line, your only hope is that EB2 line clears up, and there will be some spill over from EB2 to EB3. It will take some time, but not like EB3s don't have it. The person in front of you is still the person in front of you, regardless of their position number.
  9. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    So, basically, you could not come up with better ideas than try to grab a some numbers from EB2 India/China? Nice.
  10. Belle

    New Position - Question about GC

    "Just wondering if there's anything in the rule book that allows transfer of PERM/I-140 petitions by similarity of job function from old to new?" AC21, that's the only thing. However, it requires I-485 to be pending for 180 days.
  11. You should take into account how regular quota is distributed, and the overflow of numbers goes. The bottom line, it makes very little difference.
  12. Belle

    New Position - Question about GC

    Baiscally, you have two options. 1. Company files a new PERM/I-140 for the new role. Other than expense, this option has no downside. You will be able to retain your PD. 2. You may get a job offer for the old job when your PD is current, and file I-485 hoping that it will be pending over 180 days. Once 180 days strike, you can file an AC21 request to port to the new job. However, if the application is approved in less 180 days, you and the company should make a reasonable attempt to get you employed in the old role.
  13. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    The bottom line is that the country gets to decide who it wants to give permanent residence. It may have nothing to education, work (relatives, for example) or anything else for that matter. If there is a preference for advanced degrees, then there is a preference for advanced degrees. If you want to waste your time fighting it, then you can waste your time all you want.
  14. Then, it is a possiblity. Before doing so, I would recommend getting advice from at least a couple of good lawyers on this matter to make sure there are no gotchas. Just keep in mind, sometimes parents try to shelter their kids from bad news.
  15. Belle

    PD current but 485 not approved

    The attorney should be able to make the request on your behalf, that's what the G28. Personally, I would take care of it myslef, since it does not seem like a big deal at all. But if you think your attorney is good, that's fine, too.
  16. You can have as many I-140s as you wish.
  17. Belle

    What happens if I change my visa status?

    You should not change your status to F1 after filing for AOS. F1 does not permit immigrant intent.
  18. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    pernalguy, if you are so concerned about getting settled for your retirement age, you should not have chosen to settle in the US. You can cry and man all you want, but it is what it is.
  19. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    No, it is not discrimination, don't be ridiculous. You knew your chances right off the bet, if you did not like them, you should have gotten a degree in the US.
  20. The role does not have to be the same, only similar. That's what the law says.
  21. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    tkj1970, can't you JUST be happy for him?
  22. 1) EB2 is a good idea. The employer does not matter as long as the job is genuine. 2) Why not? 3) It's a free country, you can change employers provided your work authorization. You should consult a lawyer about impact of employer change on your green card filing.
  23. AC21 has nothing to do with PD being current or not current. If you have two A numbers, it's a problem, and they need to be merged. Call 1-800 number and create a service request for that.
  24. Belle

    per may 2011 bulletin - PD current

    USCIS SAVES a digital image of the fingerprints and re-runs it every 15 months. You would think in a conference where 90% of people are in IT, somebody would figure this is techonologically possible.
  25. Belle

    Ideas? How to move EB3 forward

    Again, waste of time. The procedure of what the categories are and how overflow is going is described in the laws. So, unless you change the laws (i.e. a bill would be approved by both House and Senate and signed by the President), nothing is going to happen. Immigrants vs immigrants. NumbersUSA can't be happier. That's how they want you to waste your efforts.