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  1. Thanks for the responses guys.
  2. Thank you so much for your responses jairichi & arunemm. I guess I'll have to take my chances. While I do plan to go to my hometown consulate (Hyderabad) and will make arrangements based on the worst case scenario, I am wondering if the processing delay will be any shorter for other embassies/consulates? As I mentioned before, it took 5 weeks the first time and 7 weeks the second time. Is this inordinate delay a function of the Hyd consulate being so busy when compared to others?
  3. I am in my 7th year of H1B. I have already gone through the H1B stamping process two times. Both times, I was put through further administrative processing and given the 221(g) form. The first time, it took 5 weeks for the consulate to issue the visa. The second time, it took 7 weeks! Both the visas were issued at the Hyderabad, India consulate. There was no particular reason given by the visa office for putting me through the 221(g) process. The only reason I could deduce was that my job description triggered the keywords outlined in the Technology Alert List (TAL) and that employer's primary business was conducting research for the aerospace and defense sector. I have switched employers 4 months ago and my current employer is in the automotive sector. As far as I know, my current job description will not trigger any keywords outlined in TAL. Now, I am again looking to go for my H1B stamping again. As you can understand, I am apprehensive about getting flagged for 221(g) administrative processing again. Here are my questions: - What's the likelihood that I will be again flagged for 221(g)? - As I changed my employer (from defense to automotive sector), will it have an impact on whether I will be put through the 221(g) process? - Will going to a different consulate (in India or Canada) make a difference? Would appreciate any help and feedback from anyone, especially those who have gone through a similar ordeal. Thanks a lot.
  4. @jairichi Are you sure this is still the case? When I go through the dropbox eligibility checklist, nowhere does it say that those with 'Clearance Received' annotation are ineligible for dropbox. I am in a similar situation as the original poster. The only difference being I have also changed employers since my previous stamping. Any response would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I didn't hear back from the lawyer yet. Since its the memorial day weekend, I guess I'll hear back from him only on Tuesday. Will post an update once I do.
  6. So, I've just gotten an e-mail from my future employer's HR today and they have informed me that their lawyer has gotten a clarification from USCIS stating that the H1B Premium Processing halt is ONLY applicable to H1B Extension of Stay petitions. Therefore, USCIS is accepting H1B Change of Employer petitions through premium processing. I have gotten in touch with the lawyer directly in order to verify this matter. I am waiting to hear back from him. Meanwhile, I thought I should post an update. Have anyone else heard the same thing?
  7. I am looking for a response to this too. My situation is something similar. I have an approved I-140. I accepted a job offer a couple of days ago and they will be looking to file my H1 transfer petition in the next week or so. Will my future employer be able to apply through premium processing? The risk, as I see it, is that my current employer has a longer time to revoke the I-140 if the H1 transfer petition is filed through regular processing. I am in my sixth year of H1. Any thoughts?
  8. I have a couple of questions regarding my current predicament and am hoping that someone can help me out. Here is the situation. I am on the 6th year of eligibility of H1B and am employed with Company A. Company A has initiated my green card application process earlier this year under the EB-2 category. The green card process was initiated in my 5th year of H1B. Right now, my PERM application is under process and the company lawyer informed me that the approval should come through by Jan or Feb 2015. Right now, I am exploring the option of looking for another job and transferring my H1B as my current company, Company A, is looking to restructure and might initiate a round of layoffs in the next 3 months or so. I want to get ahead of this possibility and find another job and do an H1B transfer. I am in good terms with my current company and even if I choose to leave, I can convince them to continue the PERM and I-140 application process. My questions are with regards to my future employer, Company B. 1) If I do find another job and transfer my H1B, I will have to apply for my H1B renewal with Company B. First of all, will I be eligible to apply for the renewal? If yes, will the renewal be for 1 year or 3 years? 2) I am aware that, as I will be switching employers, Company B will have to reapply for my Labor Certification/PERM. Does this process need to be started before my 6th year of H1B eligibility is over? 3) Can two green card applications run concurrently? Is there any advantage to requesting Company A to continue with I-140 application after the PERM is approved while Company B starts the Labor Certification/PERM process? Would be of a great help to me if anyone can respond to my questions. Thanks a lot.
  9. sid_red

    Valid Dates Error in H4 Approval notice

    This message is an update to a topic I previously posted about. I thought I'd update the topic here rather than creating a new topic. In my previous post (dated 8th November 2012), as I mentioned, USCIS got the validity dates on my wife's H4 visa wrong. I pointed this out to the lawyer who said that he will get in touch with USCIS and get it fixed. USCIS responded on November 24th, 2012 saying that the validity dates (11/2012 through 9/29/2012) are correct since they give H4 visas for dependents only till their 21st birthday. Seeing this, my lawyer realized that USCIS mistakenly processed my wife's application thinking she is my daughter!! (Not sure how USCIS can make such a glaring error considering I am only 6-7 years older than my wife and certainly can't have a 21 year old daughter!) My lawyer wrote back to USCIS explaining the error on their side. We received a standard response from USCIS on December 6th, 2012 saying that they have requested my wife's file and we should allow for a minimum of 60 days for a response. , Well...counting today, it has been 109 days and the issue still has not been resolved by USCIS. My lawyer has tried contacting USCIS customer service regarding the issue, but they told him that since the service request has already been filed, they cannot do anything further. I know that the issue will be eventually resolved, but till it gets resolved my wife cannot travel overseas. Moreover, my wife's drivers license is set to expire in 1.5 months. Has anyone on this forum come across a case like this? If yes, any idea how long it took to resolve it? Is there anything else that I can do or I can ask my lawyer to do to resolve this quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. sid_red

    F1 to H1-B

    Great. Once your H1 is approved, your status switches to H1B from F1. So, the university should be made aware of this change. Universities have different policies regarding this, so you should just explain the situation to them and see what documentation, if any, is needed.
  11. sid_red

    DS-160 Form question - Simple but urgent

    I was in the same situation as you are earlier this year. The other posters are correct. You should select the option according to whether you will be Single or Married on the day of the interview.
  12. sid_red

    F1 to H1-B

    Assuming your H1 application was filed before the quota got exhausted, you should upgrade to premium processing so that you will hear from USCIS within 15 days. If that isn't an option, then your best bet is to request your future employer to push back the start date on the offer letter to a date by which you are confident you will hear back from USCIS.
  13. sid_red

    Valid Dates Error in H4 Approval notice

    Thanks for your post pontevecchio. Yes, the lawyer should be able to fix the error. He mentioned that this might simply be a typo as human error is unavoidable in the process. I am more concerned about how long it will take USCIS to fix the error. Hope its done quickly and I do not have to alter our travel plans.
  14. sid_red

    laid off: visa options

    "Do I necessarily have to apply for the B2 just before my termination date or can I wait for an additional month if I feel something is just round the corner?" The posts made above make sense. But I am trying to answer your question from a different angle. Assume, in your case you had gotten fired on Date X instead of being laid off. In that case, you get one month to get a new job and transfer the H1B. So, if that option holds true when a person is fired, it should hold true when the person is laid off too. So, I think you can use that additional month to look for a job and transfer.
  15. sid_red

    221(g) White sheet - Passport retained

    Usually on the white sheet of paper that's given to you, there are a bunch of questions and you need to e-mail them the answers. The questions are mostly routine ones seeking additional info. Once you answer them, they'll process your case which involves them validating all your information. Once that's done, they will get in touch once the visa is approved. Them holding onto your passport is a good thing. That means they think you're case won't take too long to approve. But in case you need your passport for anything, you can always call them to get it. However, that will delay the procedure by a few days.