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  1. Hi all, I am a full-time employee of American company. No vendors or etc., This is my second extension with this company. Company's attorney said I qualify for premium processing since there is no change in employer or etc. 1. Do I qualify for premium processing? 2. Also is it advisable to do premium processing these days? My h1 will be expiring in mid of December 2018. Also i94. Please advise.
  2. arjunanand

    H4 visa extension along with H4 EAD

    Thank you for your response. 2 more questions 4. Is H4 EAD is only started processing after approval of H4 status? 5. If so During this her driving license is based on EAD Expiry date. Does DMV renew her driving based on pending ead application?
  3. Hello everyone, My wife is on h4 visa and h4 ead with expiry date on Nov 30 2017. But my H1b expires in December 2018. Today I applied for her extension i539 and i765. My questions are 1. Did we apply in enough time before expiry date. 2. What if the h4 application process is still pending can she be still in the country. 3. Not sure about the processing time these days. We submitted documents to Phoenix location any clue about that. Please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate it.
  4. arjunanand

    I-140 pending and i-94 expiring

    Hi I am.not sure if I follow,I know I will get 3 year extension once my 140 is approved but right now it is pending and i94 is expiring.. with recapture time I still have 5 months on 6 years of h1b... at this point shoukd lawyer be doing extension for remainder of 6 years?? Please adivse..
  5. arjunanand

    I-140 pending and i-94 expiring

    Hi all, Please advise. I have my Labor approved on June 30 2014 with PD Jan 10th 2014. My company applied in premium processing for I140 under EB2 on July31st, got an RFE tax related documents from employer and replied to RFE on Aug 19th 2014 it is still under reveiw as of today. but my question is my i-94 is going to Expire on Aug 27 2014, with the recapure time my 6 years will complete some time in Jan 2015. with I-140 pending will it put me in status or should attorney file an extension for the remainder of the 6 years? please advise. what should be doing on my case. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I left US on vacation to india few months back, On march 14 2014 I realized that airline people didnt take my i94 card and I was in hurry go catch the plane. I still have valid visa nd will be going back to US in few weeks. Is this going to be a problem at port of entry? Is it a must to return the i94 card? Will this time out of US would considered for recapture my time on my H1B?? Please advise folks.. feeling little scared..
  7. arjunanand

    Approved i797 of my Wife

    thanks for your reply.. one of the employer is willing to transfer her H1. employer says since she is on H4 she cant work until she gets approved H1. and more things we need to india for about 3 months. Is it possible to do the h4 to H1 transfer while being in india? or H4 to H1 transfer can only happen while you are in US? Please advise.
  8. thanks for your response what kind of questions I should expect and what documentation should I need? tell the truth can I say my will be filing for an extension?
  9. Hello ALL, I am on 6th year H1b and PERM under processing PD Jan 10 2014. I have valid Visa till Aug 17 2014 max out h1 date is Sep 17 2014. Since PERM processing taking longer, I thought I would step out of country for 2 months and return 3 months before the VISA expiry date. Questions: 1. Is it safe to travel now? 2. will there be any questions at the time of POE 3. how can I justify at POE when he asks I have less time on Visa 4. which POE is preferable to enter? Please advise.
  10. arjunanand

    H1 cap exempt or not?

    you can apply for H1 transfer you can be in CAP Exempt
  11. Hi All, My 6th year H1B Visa is expiring on Aug 17, 2014 and with recapture i will get another 30 days. My employer said they will be submitting PERM next week (Jan 02 14hopefully) looks like current trend for time taking for PERM to get approved is about 200 to 240 days. what are my options here.. 1. should go on vacation for out of country before visa Expiring so I can recapture those days and so i can make total of 365 days and apply for one year Extenison while i am in US itself? 2. Wait on PERM hope to get approved if not in August 2014 leave the country for about 3 months and apply for one year Extenison and get stamped come back in Again. 3. my Wife is H4 currently but she has H1B CAP exempt. Find an employer for her and Transfer H1B. Myself change my status to H4 sometime around Aug 2014 wait for the days needed and apply for one year Extension and change status to H1 again. Please advise.. on my options which is less risky... i think My employer's attorney took really long time for applying I guess.. because he applied PWD on June 2013 and took about 8 months for applying PERM I my assumption was it would take less time.
  12. arjunanand

    Approved i797 of my Wife

    hi folks, My Wife before she married to me she was working for Indian IT Firm where they Sponsored her H1 got here i797 approved till Nov 2013 and got also her Visa in 2011 as well. But they never showed any interest for sending her to US. We got married and she came along with me by Quitting her Job and as H4 Visa.. since she already have her H1 she find a new employer and do her H1 any time during the year right? also does she has to this before her i797 expires? please advise. Thanks
  13. Hi All, I am trying to find the vistor visa interveiw for my parents. My parents live in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh for them Chennai is the closest consulate rather than Hyderabad. Can i choose Chennai consulate for Visa interview even though being in Andhra Pradesh? also I need to choose the Telugu for language. can I do that chennai consulate Pelase advise? Thanks
  14. arjunanand

    How to renew I-94 card

    Just wanted to share my experience.. I got Canadian Visa after 2 weeks and it was valid for 2 years. So last weekend I went to Detroit Windsor Border by Greyhound from chicago direct to windsor. At windsor Canadian immigration they didnt ask me much. He asked me is it for business or pleasure. I said Pleasure and he said went into to get it stamped on my new passport. then I was like can you take this I94 for me. he looked at the validity of it which is going to expire in 30 days. he mentioned he will submit to US CBP. I stayed in windsor for couple of hours and got back in my return bus by greyhound. at the US CBP Borber he asked me reason for i was visiting Canada. I frankly said the only reason I went becasue my I94 was expring and needed a new one and explained him about PPT expiration and etc., that officer seems to be nice he didnt ask me anything and got a new I94 with the expiration based on I797 he charged me nominalfee of $6. Seems to be worked out pretty well for me.
  15. @soumo how did you manage to renew the i-94? I am also in same situation. Pelease advise