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  1. @VisaBlues - I have not received any update yet. I spoke to the DOS as it is more than 60 days now but they said that it is under admin process. Any update from you side?
  2. @VisaBlues: Mine is a EVC Model and my interview details below Interview Date: Feb 16, 2012 and was issued a 221G Green Doc Submitted: Feb 22nd still waiting and no updates yet.
  3. @VisaBlues: Not yet. Still waiting. Let's see if next week gets any good news for all of us.
  4. @VisaBlues, I got the exact same reply 2 weeks back from VFS and I was also wondering the meaning of Mandatory Admin Process. I went through some forums and people say that the Mandatory admin process is nothing but the regular admin process. Not sure if both are same. Could you please let me know when was your interview? Thank you
  5. t.swati


    Hello All, I am new to this forum and let me share my experience Visa Interview Date: Feb 16th (Received a 221g Green asking for some additional docs) Doc Submitted: Feb 22nd Wait time: 2 weeks still waiting I have called DOS and they said it is under admin process, not sure how long will it take. Thanks