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  1. maverick33

    DS-160 question

    Thanks guys !
  2. maverick33

    DS-160 question

    Hello, I am going for a 2nd time H1b stamping. During my first time stamping I was issued a 221(g) green form at Chennai consulate and after about 3 months got my Visa. Now while filling DS-160 form, for the question, "Have you ever been refused a US Visa, been refused an admission to united states ...." , should I answer 'YES' and explain what happened before ? Replies appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Got my VISA today. This forum has been extremely useful. Thank You.
  4. maverick33

    EVC = Suicide !

    @ashman2012 , To my knowledge, the I-129 is the key document for any model to explain the EER. The LCA, paystubs, offer letters, client-vendor contract agreements (for EC/EVC) etc will serve as supporting documents. Generally, your attorney who compiles the document for filing the petition on behalf of your company should have knowledge about how to present the EER in the I-129. Hope it helps.
  5. maverick33

    EVC = Suicide !

    I think the biggest loss in issuing a 221(g) is the amount of time it consumes to reach a conclusion on a case. While it is quite natural for a office dealing with immigration/visa to be cautious, same time they definitely need to work on a strategy to speed up the process. Holding up a person's case for several months when his/her 's expertise is actually needed in the US for a company just doesn't make sense. Having said that, no one can deny that H1b system has been abused in the past by some petitioners and now the consulates are bent upon abusing the 221(g). Its like a tit for tat game. 221(g)'s best weapon is Employer-Employee relationship. And, the weapon could be definitely be defeated with a close to perfect documentation. Documentation explaining the EER is the key. This may hold true irrespective of any model viz. EC/EVC/EVVC. --- from a 221(g) victim for 2.5 months.
  6. yup I have the exact status as aryank2000. I am not sure if they have already couriered the passport. I told the VFS official while submitting passport, specifically to hold my passport so that I can collect in person. I will go first hour in the morning to VFS chennai on Monday. Hopefully I can collect it from there.....
  7. I went to to the VFS chennai center and the officials there were friendly. I showed the official the blue 221(g) form. He went thru it and then asked for passport, 1 photo, and DS-160. He said he will get a call from VFS once the passport is ready for pick-up. I hope they got the form correct in terms of the documents to be submitted. Will keep you posted. Good luck. @Nitrohaze, I believe it must be good news for you. Please update us on your passport status. thanks. good luck.
  8. Hi permaudit, My case is also similar to yours. Interview Date : Jan-11-2012 at chennai consulate Issued 221(g) green with the option "petition being returned to USCIS for further review....." checked. VO kept all the documents and returned my passport. Yesterday i.e March-27-2012 I got back all my documents and a blue 221(g) which said "Please submit your passport so we can issue your visa". I went to the VFS office and they asked to submit only passport, DS-160 and 1 photo. I did not submit any of my H1b petition documents. I hope it wouldn;t cause any issue. It was clearly stated in the blue 221(g) handwritten with the hand drawn arrow from the list of documents, to submit only passport. Also I got a email from the VFS which said, "As per the US Consulate, your application is pending the submission of your passport, please submit it to the nearest VFS centre" I think we need only submit our passport. Please let me know what you think. Others views in this section also appreciated.
  9. Hello All, I had my interview on Jan-11-2012 and got a 221(g) stating that my case was being sent back for further review. I thought by this time the USCIS or atleast the KCC would have received my petition. But from my inquiries with the VFS I got to know that my petition is still lying at the chennai consulate even after 2 months of my interview. Really, I cannot understand why the consulate hold the petition with them for these many days instead of sending it to the KCC ?? I guess this is why 'cases being sent back to USCIS for further review' takes such a long time to get reaffirmed. Any thoughts on this ??
  10. Hi Rajthewizard, Congratulations !! I have been following your posts and happy to note that you got visa. It is encouraging because mine is a similar case as yours. Only thing is my interview happened only on Jan-11-2012. So probably it might take another year to be in a same position as yours. So could you please let us know what questions they asked in the re-interview ? Did they again touch upon Employer-employee questions ? Thanks.
  11. Hi rinkybk, My case, Interview Date : Jan-11-2012 @ chennai consulate Model: EC Received 221(g) green form stating that my h1b petition is being sent back to USCIS for possible revocation. Can anyone tell me how much time does it take? I was told at the consulate while issuing the 221(g) that it might take 2-3 months. But there are very high chances that it might go beyond that. Yesterday my attorney told me, one of the similar case that she dealt took more than one year just to receive a Notice-of-intent-to-deny (NOID) which will be the next step in such cases which will be issued to the petitioner/attorney by the USCIS. What are the chances of getting approved/denied? I have been reading from various forums that ppl who have had such cases, most of them got their petiiton reaffirmed. Again it is case-by-case. So no definite YES/NO. Not sure about your last question. Some of the action items that I did after my interview is, a) mailed a copy of the 221(g) to my attorney, b) informed my petitioner, c) informed my manager at client site, d) trying now for work-from-home. The reason for such decisions in most cases are due to employer-employee relationship. Try explaining to your manager about your situation.
  12. Hi DontWorryBeHappy, Thanks for providing your case updates. So it took close to 3 months to get your h1b reaffirmed. Got few questions. Can you tell me which USCIS consular center approved your petition ? I have been reading that processing times depends upon service centers. Did you try to expedite the process through CIS ombudsman? My attorney has contacted CIS ombudsman and waiting for a update from them by next week. Do you know if they can be of any help ? Also did USCIS contact your employer with any NOID or RFE ?? Wish you good luck with your next steps with the consulate.
  13. My case, Visa Interview @ Chennai - Jan-11-2012 : Got 221(g) green stating that 'my petition was being returned to the USCIS for further review..........' I will post any updates in my case in this thread. Mine is a EC model. If anyone has experience with their petition been sent back to the USCIS got reaffirmed and ultimately got visa stamp, please post your individual experience with the duration of time it took for entire process.