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  1. ukumar10

    EB3 Priority Date current

    Wanted to provide an update. As I stated earlier we received RFE for each applicant asking demographics, medical examination, and appointment letter from current employer. All responses have been submitted and USCIS has confirmed the receipt for the same. Does anyone has past experience how much time it would take form now? As I asked my attorney and they said they can't tell this? Thanks in advance .
  2. ukumar10

    EB3 Priority Date current

    Today I checked status online and saw the notice of RFE. I have not received the letter yet. Anyone any idea what it could be I heard several version of stating that it could be Medical examination and new appointment letter. My job & company is not same anymore. Would that be an issue? Even though my application was pre-adjudicated 02 years back. Please reply who has similar situation and past experience about. One more thing the RFE was issued on each application mine is prime and 03 dependent.
  3. Can someone share some experience or shed some lights? I have applied I-485 in 2007 and my priority date became current this month in EB3. As this has been so long period - In the past I have received a letter stating that my application was pre adjudicated. Does anyone know what would be the steps? Are they going to schedule interview? or Medical? or they will just approve as visa is available?
  4. ukumar10

    AOS and EAD

    Help / guidance needed - All please advise - I am waiting for GC since last 8 years in EB3 category. Using EAD and have changed the companies in same profession. Now working with my current company since last 4 years and they have just initiated the process to file in Eb2 however, there are managerial opportunities internally in the company and company wanted to give that to me. However, immigration attorney for the company told my company that they can't do and I have to be in the same profession until I get my GC. Hence, company discard the idea to provide me the opportunity. I am an engineer and help project managers to build the big chemical plants however, the opportunity was for me to lead the projects overall as project manager. What you all think was that Ok or attorney's scaring my company or is it true because I talk to some outside attorney and he says that USCIS doesn't expect you to remain the same forever? What is the opinion of forum's expert please advise?