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  1. parentsGC

    Ways to expedite AP

    Looks like they have stopped appointments for infopass. How do we get appointments anymore? https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2
  2. parentsGC

    Ways to expedite AP

    If 90 days has been passed, would we be able to get AP by getting InfoPass?
  3. Hello, We applied for my dads GC. AOS is pending. Is there anyway to expedite AP? What is the time frame when AP is approved usually?
  4. parentsGC

    Medical exam question

    Hello, I am filing AOS/I485 for my parent. It was suggested that I file medical exam report along with the 485. My dad is traveling to Chicago whereas I am in San Jose, CA, right now. Is it ok if I file in California but he does medical in Chicago, IL by USCIS approved doctor and fedex me the sealed envelope? Are there any restrictions on where the medical exam has to happen?
  5. Hello, I am planning to apply for my fathers GC after my mom passed away a month ago. He can't travel to US right now for a month or 2 due to work issues. I don't want to leave him in India alone for too long. I am aware that there are 2 options, i.e. AOS when he is in US or CP while he is in India. I can apply for CP while he is in India but as I understand that process can take a long time, over a year sometimes. I don't want him to stay alone for that long. If he comes to US in B1 and then If I apply for AOS, I understand that he has to stay for at least 3 months before I can apply for I130/I485. That will be at least 5 months from now. I prefer this option, but my worry is changes in laws that Trump administration might introduce that might complicate sponsoring parents GC in future. Is the worry realistic? I know last year a bill was introduced (which failed) to stop so called chain immigration. And recently there was an article about blocking GC due to 'public charge' rules. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/poverty/reports/2018/11/27/461461/trumps-public-charge-rule-radically-change-legal-immigration/ How realistic are these worries?