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  1. Kum1155

    H1B Stamping Question with DV Dismissed Case

    @nairr3631 if you don’t mind I get your email id, I would like to chat with you personally. Thank you so much .
  2. Kum1155

    H1B Stamping Question with DV Dismissed Case

    Thanks @nairr3631 for the response. This is helpful.
  3. Hi, First of all, thank you everyone for posting their experience. It really helps a lot. Unfortunately, I had an argument with my Ex-wife on Nov 2018 and she called 911, I ended up arrested for DV misdemeanor 5th Degree in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Later the case was dismissed within 2 months by Prosecutor (DA) due to insufficient evidence, I was not given any plea bargain, no fine. It was plain dismissal as I was not found guilty and convicted. I have all my certified copies of Police Arrest, Court Disposition and Expungment copies. I'm working for a reputed company and on H1B Visa Status, My extension was fine after the case, I didn't get any visa revocation email etc unlike some others got. I met with few immigration attorneys by spending some money and to discuss this matter. Some said I should be completely fine as long as I've all court disposition copies, asked to me explain to VO what happened on that day, Some said "you shouldn't travel and you are taking a big risk, there is possibility of refusing your visa and you will loose your job eventually". I'm confused and appreciate your responses and advise. My questions are 1. I disclosed my arrest in DS-160, I'm dropbox eligible, I got a slot in hyderabad in May, Will I be called for an interview as I have an arrest record? 2. I see for some people it is taking long time administration processing, so there is no definite timelines, I'm going for 5 weeks. I'm not sure if this is sufficient or not? Incase for my case if it requires 2 or 3 months, do I've disclose this to my employer? I didn't disclose as this was not needed so far. 3. When I was called for an interview, when VO asks I will speak to what happened, I'm afraid like some VO's might judge and deny the visa on the spot. Any tips? 4. I heard some people got 221G and was asked to examine for psychological evaluation, Does this happen usually or case by case basis? 5. I have read some people carried memorandum of law letter by an immigration attorney to explain why I'm not inadmissible? Do you recommend to carry that even though I had all certified copies? 6. Finally, this is covid time, I heard some people said " Not recommended time to travel"? There is a possibility of holding my visa on long administrative processing might happen? Thanks in advance for response, tips and advise. I really like the posts and helping each other. Thanks you!
  4. Court disposition copies should be certified, you should obtain it from the court when your case is completed, if this is expunged you have to appeal a motion to reopen your case and request some copies. Whatever you submit copies should be certified to the VO, I’m also in same boat and planning to travel next month, I would like contact with you personally, I have some questions, could I get your email id please ?