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    N-400 Interview

    Did you switch before the 6 months was up with the previous employer? From what I know that's the most common scenario for a I-140 to be revoked by the previous employer.
  2. After a long wait it looks like the USCIS waived off biometrics and called us for the interview. I heard the Detroit field office offers the same day oath ceremony sometimes. We live far away from Detroit and have to take a day off to go to the interview. If they offer the same day citizenship, it would be ideal to combine to avoid taking an additional day off in the future, however we also have to worry about childcare and have to be home by 4PM. Seeking experiences from someone who attended an interview/same day oath ceremony in Detroit whether oath ceremony was offered and about the timing of the ceremony offered. I appreciate all inputs. Thanks
  3. I applied for N-400 in March 2020 and received a biometrics appointment for a date in mid-March. That appointment was cancelled due to COVID. I was able to call USCIS in October 2020 and was told to wait till the end of the month to automatically receive a new appointment and if not call back. I waited till November and called back and the rep this time told there will be no automatic reschedule and asked me request a new date via by sending in the original appointment letter. I did that and no response or receipt acknowledgement whatsoever. What's irritating is since then I haven't been able to get through the call center to speak to a human being and get trapped in the auto response. Appreciate any insights anyone can provide to break through this logjam. Thanks!