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Bindu chavali

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  1. Bindu chavali

    GC EAD or H4 EAD

    Hi, My H4 EAD expires on jan 2021. Please suggest me if it is better to apply for a Green card EAD or just apply extension for H4 - EAD. I see that the processing time for h4 and h4 ead is too much now. Will it help me to apply for GC EAD instead. Thanks.
  2. Bindu chavali

    Working on h4 EAD and pursuing Masters

    I already have h4 EAD. But it expires next january
  3. Bindu chavali

    Working on h4 EAD and pursuing Masters

    If we are pursuing Masters on h4 and have to visit the home country, do we have to change the status to f1 before we come back to US after visiting home country?
  4. Hi, Can i pursue Masters along with working on h4 EAD.