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  1. Could anyone share their experience of H4 to F1 transfer for aging out kids through counselor processing in India? I am concerned about non-immigrant intent of F1 visa and difficulty for Kids who lived significant life in USA and parents are here too,
  2. Hello @Ajakk I am in similar situation. Aging out H4 and need to convert to F1. Could you please share your experience on F1 visa stamping?
  3. sourya

    Conversion from H4 to F1

    Hello Prasad, I am in similar situation for my Daughter. Could you please share the latest visa situation with your D? I am specifically looking for your findings on Q4 (Risk on F1 stamping in India due to parents being in USA). Since these kids live most of their life in USA, Visa officer would be highly inclined towards anticipating that they will continue living in USA after education. Thanks for your help! it really means a lot for us. Sourya