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  1. 1. What if the NPT decision doesn't come by October 1st (180 days of unlawful presence)? 2. While we await for decision beyond 180 days, what if the NPT is not approved? She would accrue unlawful presence>180 days which triggers ban i believe.
  2. On the third point, are you sure one can stay as long as the petition is pending? Since the petition was filed after i94 expiry.
  3. On the third point, are you sure one can stay as long as the petition is pending? Since the petition was filed after i94 expiry.
  4. Hello, We've applied for our H1B and H4 visa extensions respectively ( our visa expired on April 30th) and my H1b has been approved and received my i797A. However, my wife's H4 extension packet has been sent back due to incorrect signatures (sent back in June 2nd week). After consulting with my company attorney, the attorney has decided to file H4 with Nunc Pro Tunc (NPT) since my wife's h4 visa and i94 has expired. The application has been filed sometime during the June last week. My question is 1. Since my wife is currently out of status (i94 expired on 4/30/2020), will there be any issues down the time during extensions/GC/stamping? 2. Will my spouse's medical insurance still stay intact irrespective of visa status? 3. Attorney has insisted that they would try to expedite the case once we receive the H4 receipt notice. What are the chances of getting approval before the beginning of October 2020 (in next 3 months) since it would be 180 days of unlawful presence which is very risky to continue staying. Should we wait until October or should I plan for my spouse's departure travel immediately to avoid serious issues in future?
  5. I am a H1B Holder and my wife is on H4. Both our visas expired on 4/30/2020 and extensions were subsequently filed with 5/1/2020 as notice date. Our i-94 date is 6/30/2020. My (H1B) visa has been approved ( still waiting to receive the physical copy) while my wife's H4 documents has been returned back by the USCIS due to incorrect signature by the petitioner. We are being asked to refile a new petition for H4 and H4 EAD. My question is 1. if my attorney fails to refile the H4 and H4 EAD petition by 6/30/2020, would that cause any legal issues to my wife since our i94 is expiring on 6/30/2020? 2. While I am waiting for my physical H1B extension approval copy, I am not sure if I would receive a I-797A/B since the notice date is on 5/1/2020 and previous visa expired on 4/30/2020. If an I-797B is issued, should I leave the country before the i-94 expiry date? Please suggest! Thank you
  6. I am a H1B holder with my current visa expiring April 30th, 2020 ( extendable until the next 2 years). I am getting married in February and plan to bring my wife along after marriage. My PERM application has been filed and should hear a decision anytime in the next 1 or 2 weeks. My fiancee's stamping (this is her first stamping) is scheduled around mid-February based upon my current H1b petition which is approved until April 30th, 2020. My initial plan was to apply for both of our extensions after i get married and come back to USA. If not suggestible, i have confusions around the following questions where i need some suggestions.. 1. Can i file for H1B extension rightaway while my fiancee's DS-160 and visa forms are all based on my current H1b petition? will this be a problem since she would be going for stamping based on my current h1 petition while i apply for h1b extension? 2. Since I should hear about my PERM anytime soon, is it better to apply for i-140 righaway along with H1b extension while my fiancee's DS-160 information is based on my current H1b petition? 3. Besides the above two points, any other valuable information or suggestions coming from your end are greatly appreciated. Thank you!