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  1. florence

    EAD expedite

    Has anyone been able to successfully expedite their EAD (I-765 filed with I-485)? If so, what grounds work?
  2. How long does it typically take after the GC interview to get the status changed to approved? And how long to actually get the card? for family based I-485 Anyone done recently?
  3. My relative has applied for a GC renewal which is taking over 6mos. Old GC expired in meanwhile. Is it possible to apply for citizenship while the GC renewal is still pending?
  4. Im having a problem with DMV - they refused to give her a license because the name on her SSN does not match what's on the Indian passport. Indian Passport: shows <Middle> <Last> together as "Last Name" SSN/I-94 shows only <Last> name. Seems in US, <First> <Middle> both should go in "Given Name" She just applied for her I-485 by the way. What's the best way to fix this? We could ask Indian consulate to change the way the name is shown on the passport. But will this cause any issues with her I-485 processing? Do they need to be notified? (I-485 and all documents - we clearly split First/Middle/Last Name everywhere on application so it shouldn't be any kind of mismatch there)
  5. florence

    Fiancee Visa Processing

    It was approved. We got the 797 in Dec and interview in March
  6. florence

    Fiancee Visa Processing

    I am a US citizen applied for my fiancee from India, in June. So far, I have not heard anything back other than the receipt of notice with a application number. Is this normal? Is there a way to find out how far behind we are in the processing queue? Any ways to fast track it? My friend mentioned a lawyer who claims its possible to check the expected processing time/delay using some number they stamp on the back of the payment cheque. Is this true?
  7. I know the executive order is not finalized yet. But would “stop green card process” affect someone coming in as a fiancée?
  8. florence

    inviting Fiancee on visitor visa

    Just curious, did your fiancee travel on visitor visa? Any issues?