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  1. Hello I need to make a decision for my green card application. Please help me, here is my situation: I am currently working with a design company(A) for 1,5 years with H1B visa. My employer wants to apply for a green card but I have no other work experience than this job. I have only internship experiences. If I go with my employer I will need to get a reference letters from the companies I worked for internship which were not full time job. There is another design company (B) who wants to apply a green card for me but first my H1B visa needs to be transferred to there. I am thinking if I go with this company (B) maybe I can show work experience from the (A) design company for 1,5 years for full time job and that may help my process better. Which sounds would look better? Can you please help me and share your thoughts? thank you
  2. Hello How many years work experience is required for green card application? I am working for 1,5 years with my employer and I was told I can not show the work experience from my employer and I can only show my previous work experience which I don’t have. I have only internship experiences and my lawyer said these experiences can be shown as a work experience. Is it true? please share your thoughts
  3. Hello I am architectural designer who is working with an H1B visa for 1,5 year. My employer will apply for a green card and my lawyer sent me the job description for my position. The lawyer used the same job description as I have under H1B visa and the very similar job duties. Can the job description for green card application be the similar as H1B or should be more complicated? They say if they make it complicated PWD may be very high. please share your thoughts Thanks
  4. Hello I have been working in a design company with H1-B visa for 1,5 years and will transfer my visa to another design company which will apply a green card for me. Can I show my 1,5 years work experience when I start to green card process with the other company even though I can not get the letter from them? Thank you
  5. bouquet

    H1-B to Green Card

    Hello everyone I am on H1-B status for 6 months. My employer wants to apply a green card for me in 6 months. My husband on H4 dependent visa. When my employer file my documents do we need to add my husbands documents with my documents? Or he will be eligible to have the green card once I get it?? How will be the process for us to apply a green card? thank you in advance
  6. bouquet

    H1-B visa stamping with expired F1 visa

    Thank you for your response. I am thinking that they will question about why I stayed more than 1 year even if I studied and stayed legally. Would it be problem at the interview time? How can I explain to them and make my situation easier for me to get visa stamping?
  7. bouquet

    H1-B visa stamping with expired F1 visa

    Thank you for your response first of all. The reason why I am asking is just because I stayed legally but more than 1 year although my visa was for 1 year. But I was always legal. Would it be any problem if I went my home country and go to interview for visa stamping??
  8. bouquet

    H4 visa for my fiancee

    Hello everybody My H1-B petition has been approved in this week but I haven’t got the visa stamping yet from my home country because I am wondering what we should do for my fiancee. He has currently F1 visa just like me. 1)We will marry by the end of the September so how would be the H4 visa process for him? I mean would he be eligible to have H4 visa once I got the visa stamping or he would be eligible to have H4 visa as soon as we marry. 2)Can we apply the visa interview together? If we can how long the process would take for him to change his status from F1 to H4? 3) If we decided to don’t have the visa stamping from our home country would he be still eligible to have H4 visa? thank you in advance
  9. Hello there, I had took F1 visa for 1 year in 2017. I have been staying in the USA for 2 years from 01/09/2017 to now on. Valid date of my visa was August 2017 but since I am allowed to stay in here DURING MY STATUS I wanted to stay for making my English better although my visa was EXPIRED. I dont have OPT nor Master Degree. I have just gotten the acceptance letter from the college for starting January October.During the period I had stayed in here and I always maintained my F1 visa status (I have a SEVIS until 2020) and found the employer that can be sponsor a H1-B visa for me.Finally my petition has been approved yesterday and I am so nervous about getting H1-B visa stamping from my home country since I had stayed more than expiration date of my visa. Would the officer ask me the reason of staying in the USA more than 1 year? Would it be too risky for me to go and attend the interview?? I have an architectural degree and I will be working in the design company which is field in my study and I did not do any illegal things during the period I am here. Should I go and try my change for stamping the visa? Please share your thoughts and advices thank you, Bouquet